XSD tyre sand washer series

XSD tyre sand washer series
  • Applications: Materials: river pebbles, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, calcite, quartz, diabase, etc
  • Feed particle size:
  • capacity:

XSD tyre sand washer series Introduction:

SD series wheel sand washer is the high-efficiency sand washing machine developed by us according to the users' feedback and foreign advanced technology, and it is normally used with sand making machine together. When working, the sand will grind one another driven by vane 、wheel, remove the impurities wrapped the surface of sand, meanwhile, destroy the vapor layer wrapped with the sand, then the washing function completed in the powerful water flow. It is suitable for washing, grading and decontaminating several of fine and coarse material in metallurgy, material construction, and water and electricity industries. Especially it is suitable for building sand and road use.

Case Sample:

Two-wheel sand washing machine

Two bucket-wheel sand washing machines and fine sand recovery machines are connected. The whole machine has a reasonable structure and functions to integrate multiple water washing sand and fine sand dehydration and recovery. The mud content of the finished product after treatment is better than the prescribed standard.

Integrating water washing sand and fine sand recycling

The matching centrifugal separation device can concentrate and recover the lost fine sand in the fine sand wastewater, effectively reduce the loss of fine sand in the fine sand link, and has the characteristics of small area and large processing capacity.

Working principle process

1. The first grinding wheel rotates, the material is washed and picked up by stirring, and the water is used to take away the impurities on the surface of the material. After the material is transferred to the second water storage tank, the second grinding wheel repeats the first process and performs two steps on the material. Times cleaning. 2. The cleaned materials enter the dehydration device for dehydration, and the fine materials and water mixture are pumped into the cyclone by the water pump to be concentrated and then discharged to the dehydration screen for dehydration.

XSD tyre sand washer seriesTechnical Parameter:

Screw diameter (mm)
Tub length (mm)
Selected size (mm)
Capacity (t/h)
Speed of screw (r/min)
Water consumption (t/h)
Motor power (kw) 
Weight (t) 
Dimension (mm) 

XSD tyre sand washer series Performance

1 Combined washing, de-watering and grading functions together.
2 Highest capacity can get to 80 tph for single machine.
3 Whole sealing oil-bath transmission gear, avoiding bearings got damage caused by soaking, sand and contaminant.
4 Low water consumption and wear well.

XSD tyre sand washer series Working Principle