Mobile counterattack integrated machine

Mobile counterattack integrated machine
  • Applications: Application: used for expressway, railway, coal mine, hydropower project, construction waste treatment, sand and stone factory and other mobile stone operations.
  • Feed particle size: 500mm-600mm
  • capacity: 160-250t/h

Mobile counterattack integrated machine Introduction:

Mobile crushing station is = according to user requirements, combined with environmental protection concept design of a set of movable crushing equipment, equipment design of a complete set of compactness high efficiency and energy saving, environmental stability, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, can adapt to all kinds of terrain conditions, mainly used in building, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, water conservancy and hydropower including road and bridge construction, urban construction, highway high-speed rail, etc.
Mobile crushing station crushing effect is good, the basalt, granite, limestone, cobblestone, bluestone, gold ore, iron ore, manganese ore, coal gangue, construction waste, etc all have good crushing effect, with hundreds of users using equipment for three years after the reaction is good, the procurement lead up to more than 50%, make equipment effect to talk, I plant equipment quality is reliable, the post-sale service * * *, let you buy the rest assured!Comfortable to use!*** in the past year, our factory has continuously improved the equipment and technology according to the feedback from users, in line with the concept of environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency and stability.Truly achieved the equipment price is low, crushing effect is good, equipment output is high, the user is happy!
Customized integrated counter mobile crushing station crawler mobile crushing station tire mobile crushing station

Case Sample:

The mobile crushing station is mainly composed of feeding system, crushing system (box crusher), sieve system vibrating screen, conveying system, frame tire, power distribution cabinet, etc.
1: Feeding system: The feeding system is composed of the feeding unit, which is the entrance of sand and gravel. The sand and gravel are fed into the feeding machine through the forklift truck. The feeding machine is made of steel plate with durable material.
2. Main engine box crusher of crushing system:Box type crusher by enclosure, hammer head, rotor, lining board, motor and so on box type crusher, is to absorb domestic and foreign advanced technology, comprehensive general crusher, counterattack crusher, heavy hammer crusher for crushing the stone to hit on the mechanical principle of optimized design, manufacturing production out of the * * * a generation of broken machinery products, changed to grate method to control the discharging grain big small, reduce wear hammer in the crushing cavity, to improve the service life of hammer head by 4-6 times, each pay a hammer head can be broken stone 3-40000 tons, realized the breakthrough of crushing technology, really achieve the twice the result with half the effort.
3: Vibrating screen: vibrating screen by the screen body, screen, bracket, spring, motor and other components.
4: Conveyor: Conveyor by conveyor belt:, conveyor roller, conveyor frame, motor, spraying equipment, etc.
5: Frame: Frame body, tires and other components.
6. Distribution cabinet: According to the different power demand of each set of equipment, the distribution cabinet is set up differently.
Customized integrated counter mobile crushing station crawler mobile crushing station tire mobile crushing station

Mobile counterattack integrated machineTechnical Parameter:

Feeding Equipment
Capacity(t/h) 250 400 400
Max feeding size(mm) 550 650 650
Feeding Height(mm) 3800 3800 3800
Hopper Volume(m3) 9 9 9
Feeding Belt Conveyor
LxW(mm)Motor(kw) 4100x1050 4.5x2 4100x 1050 4.5x2 4100x1050 4.5x2
Impact Crusher
Model I1010 I1313 I1316
Max Feeding Size(mm) 500 600 600
Feed opening (mm) 1100x800 1240x990 1630x990
Motor(kw) 160 200-220 250-280
Scrap Belt Conveyor
Specifications Motor(kw) B650x3.3M 3 B650x3.3M 3 B650x3.3M 3
Main Belt Conveyor
Specifications Motor(kw) B1000x10M 11 B1000x13.2M 7.5x2 B1000x13.2M 7.5x2
Vibrating Screen
Specifications Motor(kw) 4000x1600 3.06x2 5000x1700 3.06x2 5000x1700 3.06x2
Final Product Belt Conveyor
Specifications Motor(kw) B1400x4.8M 7.5 B1400x5.7M 7.5 B1400x5.7M 7.5
Unloading Height(mm) 2850 3000 3000
Transition Belt Conveyor
Specifications Motor(kw) B500x3.5M 3 B500x3.6M 3 B500x3.6M 3
Returning Belt Conveyor
Specifications Motor(kw) B500x9.45M 4 B500x10.3M 4 B500x10.3M 4
Returning Belt Conveyor
Specifications Motor(kw) B500x7.7M 4 B550x8.5M 4 B550x8.5M 4
Whole Plant
Driving Motor(kw) single76,double280 single76,double360 76
Totalweight(t) single54,double56 single62,double64 65
Capacity(t/h) 80-220 150-300 180-380
SizeLxWx H(m) 17.3x3.6x3.8 18x3.8x3.8 18x3.9x3.8
External Power(kw) 220 254-274 305-335

Mobile counterattack integrated machine Performance

1.The heavy-duty feeder with complete pre-screening grate bars, solid waste processing operations can pre-screen part of the waste and discharge it, improving work efficiency.
2.Using intelligent wireless remote control crawler walking technology, a single person remotely operates the upper and lower flatbed trailers, which can quickly realize the transfer operation. The whole machine is equipped with a grading screen and a recycling system.
3.The hydraulic adjustment of the discharge port and the opening of the hydraulic auxiliary cover are convenient for equipment maintenance and repair. The crushing and screening function is integrated, which greatly improves the work efficiency. The working mode is flexible and can be produced independently.
4.The equipment can replace different types of counter-breaking hammers according to the types of crushed materials. The machine has a compact structure, high degree of automation, and low requirements on the site, which meets the national road transportation requirements.
Customized integrated counter mobile crushing station crawler mobile crushing station tire mobile crushing station

Mobile counterattack integrated machine Working Principle