The price of a mobile crusher

The mobile crusher is suitable for construction waste treatment projects in urban demolition, mining and crushing, gravel crushing, etc. It has a key effect in the production of machine-made sand. Crushing urban garbage and sandstones into recycled stones of various sizes and standards is the basis for maintaining the comprehensive utilization of urban garbage in my country. Application areas: mining, smelters, building decoration materials, pavement, railway lines, water conservancy projects and chemical industry, it is very used to move raw materials, such as highways, railway lines and hydropower engineering projects. Available raw materials: pebbles, rock formations (dolomite, granite, calcite, gabbro, diorite, etc.), tailing ponds and artificial sand making of gravel.

Mobile crusher price

The mobile crusher can be sent to the production site immediately, whether it is on flat ground or on a hill, the driving is stable and stable, and the raw materials are crushed on the spot. The composition method of diesel engine + electric motor presents a more powerful energy source, which can solve the situation of insufficient AC power supply or sudden power shutdown. It is not afraid of heat or cold, and there is no working pressure for 20 hours a day. The mobile crusher has a screening, conveyor, feeder, and crushing system. All the steps are done in one go, moving freely, high efficiency in work, and more reliable operation. The overall machinery and equipment use excellent ash removal and noise reduction technology to easily maintain environmental protection work, which can ensure that there is less smoke and noise on the spot.

The key crusher equipment of the mobile crusher can be equipped with a jaw crusher, a reverse crusher and a cone crusher. According to the feeder, the raw materials are uniformly transferred to the crusher. The circular vibrating screen is crushed by the pulverizer to form a closed circuit system. The raw materials are purchased and crushed, and the raw materials with the specified particle size distribution are output by the belt conveyor to achieve the production goal. The mobile crusher can disassemble and assemble the circular vibrating screen according to the actual production and manufacture, immediately crush the raw materials, and then carry out specific steps with other crushers, which is convenient and flexible.

For the price of mobile crushers, there is a big difference in the price on the sales market. A variety of production and manufacturing factors affect the price of machinery and equipment. At first, the type of raw materials used, production technology, and technical level are different due to the equipment itself. , The quality and characteristics of machinery and equipment will also be different, the main performance in the production process will also be different, the use period and operating conditions will be different, the market price of the machinery and equipment will be different, and the profitability for customers will also be Different. Some other external factors, such as the supply and demand status of the sales market, the operating mode of the manufacturer, the market sales method, and the status of the region to which it belongs, will affect the price of machinery and equipment, so there will be great differences. Customers are choosing Comprehensive investigation is required when purchasing.

To put it bluntly, the price is paid for. The cost-effective machinery and equipment are more expensive because the size of the ground stress is proportional to the square meter of angular velocity. If the angular velocity is large, the ground stress on the shaft is quite large and the shaft is easily deformed. Conversely, if the angular velocity is small, the output rate of the pulverizer will suffer. If the quality of the hammer head of the crusher is poor, the hammer head structure is uneven, the compressive strength is uneven, and the damage is different, it is very easy to cause damage and cause obvious vibration of all machinery and equipment. Therefore, the quality of the hammer head plays a key role in maintaining the balance of the jaw crusher. The uneven force of the stator shaft is the key reason for the vibration of the jaw crusher. When the raw material enters the shredder, the stator will collide with the stator along the moving direction of the stator, causing uneven force on the stator shaft, resulting in imbalance of the stator and vibration of the equipment