Which type is better for handling construction waste

In the face of the current sand shortage scene, many users have smelled a huge business opportunity, want to get a piece of the pie, this also indirectly promoted the development of the mining machinery market, can choose a good crusher is the expectation of all sand people, so in the face of a wide range of small crusher on the market, which one do you prefer?


Recently, a customer left a message: "I want to buy a small crusher to deal with construction waste, which is better, how much is the price?"This article will focus on the user to make the answer, I hope to help you.


Focusing on the needs of users, these small crushers have won unanimous praise

Small Crusher No.1: Jaw crusher


This is a sand factory classic coarse crushing equipment, jaw broken machine after years of continuous improvement and optimization, is divided into PE, HD, DC three series, to feed the large and known to users, up to 1500mm, the standard output of a single machine is 1~1000 tons, with simple structure, price economy, easy maintenance and other characteristics.



The three kinds of jaw breakage have their own characteristics, big feed inlet and cheap price


Small crusher No. 2: Impact crusher


It is often used for medium crushing of materials, which is not only cheap, but also has good plastic effect of finished products. The broken aggregate has good quality and beautiful grain shape, which can double its value. The standard output of single machine is 30~800 tons, which can meet the majority of users' demands.



Counter - strike crusher workshop, exquisite workmanship, reliable quality


Small crusher No.3: Hammer crusher


If you want to simplify the production process, to reduce the cost of capital investment, but also for the size and the shape of the finished product without strict requirements, then the selection of hammer crusher are very appropriate, its main characteristic is to be able to achieve a molding material, directly to a finer granularity, single output up to 3200 tons, can meet the production needs of most users.


Small Crusher No. 4: Mobile crusher


If your site is limited, raw materials are not fixed, mobile crusher will be a good choice for you, the whole machine contains feeding, screening, crushing, conveying four systems, free transfer, flexible collocation, single machine output of 40~650 tons, small output value of mobile breaking price will not be too high, it is worth your consideration.



In addition, there are roller crusher, cone crusher, high efficiency fine crusher, composite crusher, etc., they have their own characteristics, the user combined with the actual needs to choose, if you want to know more details (such as parameters, video, etc.), you can contact the customer service for access.


Advanced performance, mobile crusher force for the "construction waste" born

All the equipment mentioned above can process and crush construction waste, but which is more appropriate?Here we recommend the mobile crusher for you, construction waste mostly exists in the demolition site, the terrain is complex, the environment is harsh, the traditional fixed equipment is not easy to move in, mobile crusher with its small size to become a good partner in dealing with construction waste.


1. Breaking the traditional fixed production mode, a mobile crushing station can carry any crusher, which can easily produce coarse and fine aggregate, doubling the value of construction waste.


2. PLC remote control system can monitor the voltage, air flow, oil temperature and other data of the equipment at any time, comprehensively control the operation of the equipment, and there is no need for too many staff on site.


3. Equipped with diesel generator set, it is up to you whether you use oil or electricity. You can switch operation mode with one button, which is very convenient.


4. Customized enclosed transmission belt and equipped with dust collector can effectively control dust spread and meet environmental protection standards.



Construction waste can be used as aggregate in all walks of life after moving and breaking


The price is not expensive, a complete variety of small crusher, ready for you to choose

How much is it to buy a small crusher?The tens of thousands of cheap, expensive also only hundreds of thousands, mainly by the user to choose the type of model to decide, under normal circumstances the mobile crushing opportunity is more expensive than the fixed crusher under the same conditions, the natural income is higher, this user needs to understand.