Reliable river pebble sand making machine production line

The river pebble sand making machine production line shortens the investment payback period and lays a solid foundation for stable profitability in the future. River pebble raw materials are easily available and can be used to produce machine-made sand. Is the profit of river pebble sand really high?
If the sand making machine can stably provide a large amount of high-quality sand, which is of great benefit to its occupation of the sand market, then a reliable river pebble sand making production line is essential. According to the demand of production capacity, the production line can be improved by adjusting the size configuration to meet the operating needs of users. This time we have built a river pebble sand making machine production line with an output of 200 tons per hour. The main processing material is river pebble.

Equipment configuration: PE jaw crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, vibrating feeder, three-layer screening machine, sand washing machine, conveyor
Several kinds of raw materials: 3 kinds
Finished product specifications: 0-10, 10-20, 20-40mm
The hardness of the river pebbles is not low, and the processing method of graded crushing can be selected to improve the working efficiency. The secondary crushing part adopts a full hydraulic crusher, which can reduce the wear pressure of the crusher and extend the service life of the production line. Material classification is completed by vibrating screen, which has 2/3/4 layer screen configuration. According to the output type, the number of screen layers and the diameter of the screen holes can be adjusted, and the material specifications are controlled by you;
Sand washing can improve the clarity of sand. The raw materials of river pebbles may contain impurities. During the crushing process, dust and other foreign matter will also penetrate. The sand washing machine can effectively remove impurities and foreign matter in the material, improve the clarity, and process the finished material with high-grade and high-quality machine-made sand and gravel.