Oil-electric mobile crusher

In this new era of carpet of flowers, mining, construction, transportation and other industry rapid development, the development of the industry, is bound to bring new things, mobile crusher is one of them, because of its flexible collocation, mobile flexible advantages favored by the masses of users, but the process of the cognition to the new things always from scratch, such as many users ask: sand system of mobile crushing function?Can you use both oil and electricity?
Problem a: mobile crusher function oil electricity dual use?

B: Sure.Mobile crusher is the use of oil-electric dual-use system, usually can rely on electric power to generate power for work, in the absence of electricity, power or voltage instability conditions can be used diesel power generation system, to ensure continuous operation.And with the assistance of an electric motor, it can be driven by the battery alone, which can effectively reduce the fuel consumption of the equipment.

Oil-electric mobile crusher

Problem two: mobile crusher environmental protection can reach the standard?

Now, the concern of users is nothing more than environmental protection. After all, after experiencing the "great storm of environmental protection" in 2018, it is a problem that cannot be ignored.But please rest assured that the mobile crusher is fully able to achieve environmental standards.
First of all, reducing energy consumption is one aspect of environmental protection. This red Star mobile crusher adopts new solutions in design to achieve small energy and large strength for crushing. The effect is very significant and the user feedback is very good.Secondly, in terms of noise treatment, Red Star machine is also meticulous. The noise is very small during the operation of the equipment, which completely meets the environmental requirements.Finally, the mobile crusher is equipped with a dust removal device, and the customer site for reasonable planning, to prevent the "dust flying, dust covered" scene.

Question 3: Does mobile crushing machine make sand?

Of course.Mobile crusher itself is a complete sand production line, completely covering feeding, crushing, screening and other links, according to the specific situation in the crushing link to acquire a sand machine, if necessary, add a sand washing machine, is a complete sand production line.According to the specific process design screening crushing, crushing sand and other production processes, a variety of combinations for your choice.

Problem four: mobile crusher use license plate?
Mobile crusher is not on the license plate, the use of wheel type or crawler type drive way, the locomotive traction can be on the road, do not hurt the road, safe and reliable, no need to license plate.

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