Influencing factors of crusher capacity

When the impact crusher processing materials, the level of production capacity makes the production income different, so how to improve the capacity is a problem of great concern to customers, and capacity is related to various factors, here is to introduce the factors in these aspects including what problems.
First, with the impact of the crusher design
Design refers to the manufacturer in the processing of the crusher before the structural design stage, the structure of the machine is the main factor affecting its performance, good structure, can have good performance, so the design stage of the situation determines the size of the capacity of the machine;

Second, with the impact of the crusher quality
For the machine, the quality is determined during the manufacturing phase is good, in general, if at the time of manufacturing the machine, the materials used wear-resisting performance is good, and good welding technology, so its quality is good, quality good, at the time of production, it is not easy to malfunction, so fewer maintenance downtime, not only can save maintenance cost for impact crusher, also can improve the efficiency of its production, and quality is bad, not only the high cost of maintenance, and low efficiency;
Third, it is related to the operation process
For impact crusher, the operation is refers to the process of the filling operation and parameter setting, the nature of the material aspect mainly into the material, the speed is in compliance with the processing capacity of the crusher, the parameter is set mainly refers to the boot before for the broken equipment parameters, such as setting is reasonable, the rotational speed of the host of these aspects are important influence factors of the machine capacity;
Iv. Relationship with maintenance
Maintenance is mainly because at the time of impact crusher work, wear phenomenon of the existence of wear and tear will make the performance of the machine gradually decline, service life will reduce gradually, and through the way of maintenance, can reduce the degree of wear and tear, improve the capacity and service life, but the maintenance of * * * should be in accordance with the requirements of the specification for;
Crusher machinery is based on the original launch of the impact crusher,
Impact crusher are mainly introduced above capacity has something to do with what's problem, for this problem, the analysis mainly from four aspects, respectively is the machine in the design phase, quality, operation and maintenance, and carried on the detailed analysis to these aspects, these aspects of the situation, jointly determine the crusher in production capacity.
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