Can cobblestone sand make money

Throughout the sand and gravel market in 2019, it can be said that the development is in full swing, and even once there was a boom, supply shortage and other phenomena, but due to the impact of the outbreak of the epidemic, the shutdown for nearly a month, leading to the impact of several construction units, the national sand and gravel demand is more urgent.As one of the main raw materials of mechanism sand, pebble has abundant resources and suitable performance.But can cobblestone mechanism sand make money?How much does it cost to build a sand factory?

Can cobblestone sand make money?

Cobblestones themselves are rich in resources and easy to obtain, and unlike mining stones, they save a lot of work and are suitable for mass production.In addition, cobblestones have strong compressive resistance and high wear resistance. After being treated by sand making equipment, the finished sand grains are uniform, reasonably graded and stable in performance, which is very suitable for replacing natural sand.

Mechanism as a whole, in addition, the investment benefit of sand is very good, the price of mechanism of sand in an average of 85 ~ 180 yuan/ton, while ordinary pebbles raw material is numerous, the price is cheap, mechanism of sand can profit of 35 ~ 130 yuan per ton, cobble sand making machine can handle every day about 1000 ~ 3000 tons of pebbles, remove labor, utilities, profits can reach tens of thousands of dollars per day, is very considerable.

How to configure the cobblestone machine sand production line more efficiently?

Commonly used equipment in cobblestone sand making is: jaw broken, cone broken, impact broken, auxiliary equipment: feeding machine, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, conveyor belt and so on.
Crushing stage: the cobblestone mostly comes from the river, the size varies, some even have dozens of centimeters, want to make sand, first need to be coarse broken and fine broken, and cobblestone texture partial hard, generally choose jaw crusher and cone crusher.
Sand making stage: after the broken cobblestones, most of them are less than 5cm. The impact sand making machine is used for sand making and shaping. The output particle size is less than 5mm, the grain shape is round and the particle size is even.

Direct field cases:
Sichuan Yibin cobblestone sand production line
Production status:
Processing material: river pebbles
Discharge size: 0-4.75mm
Production: 200 t/H
According to the client's site condition and raw materials, the DM recommends two stage crushing machine technical personnel for the customer, the early broken directly use HXGYS 400 hydraulic cone crusher finely processing, and then by the vibrating screen for screening, accord with standard of sand making machine inlet to sand making machine for processing, do not conform to the standards of transportation to cone broken finely, form a closed cycle, then the sand making machine processed material screening after delivery to the dump.

How much does it cost to build a sand factory?

Made of sand pebbles need to configure multiple devices, the whole equipment down need how much cost, need reference model, production equipment, the DM machine equipment, the production of a variety of specifications dozens of tons to hundreds of tons, output per hour in price between hundreds of thousands to millions, specific price level you can contact small make up!