What equipment is available for processing cement clinker

Whether it is transportation, construction, or Bridges, water conservancy, all industries are "doing things", resulting in road surface coagulants, cement clinker materials are particularly common.
With the progress of industrial machinery industry technology, processing of materials such as concrete, cement clinker has a more advanced approach, or made into fine sand, or ground into a fine powder, used in industrial field again, but no matter how processing, all need crusher for crushing processing first, then special cement crusher where to have sell?

Professional things to find professional equipment - cement clinker crusher
No matter it is concrete block or clinker, most of them are limestone and clay. This kind of material has medium hardness and good brittleness. There are many kinds of crushers to choose from:

1. Roller crusher

To roll crusher main processing some middle or high hardness, good material brittleness, discharging granularity between 2-8 mm (granularity is adjustable), water demand is very small for the material, the basic no requirement, no grate, will not produce the plug by too much water, adhesive, etc., discharging granularity, grain shape is very good, also called the roller system sand machine.

2. Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher as the mining machinery of the "senior" crushing equipment, almost all materials can be broken, cement clinker crushing operation is no problem, jaw crusher crushing ratio is large, the output design can be as small as 1t/h, up to 2200t/h, the size of the discharge between 10-350mm arbitrary adjustment.


3. Mobile crushing station

Like concrete pavement, cement clinker these industrial waste, also is what we often say construction waste, for the treatment of construction waste, a mobile crushing station is very appropriate.
Whether it is concrete blocks or clinker, it is generally widely distributed and needs to be changed frequently in the factory area, and the treatment mode may also need to be constantly changed. Mobile crushing station can just solve this need.
A. The tire head can be pulled on the road, and the caterpillar remote control command can turn and walk in place. It is very convenient to move around in different processing plants.
B. It can be matched with different equipment. If it is made of fine sand, it can be matched with impact break; if it is simple and coarse, it can be matched with jaw break, counterattack break, heavy hammer break, etc.;
C. Equipped with a complete set of diesel generator sets, it can adapt to normal production and operation under various environmental restrictions.
Does the concrete block and clinker crusher make a big profit after treatment?

1. The supply of sand and gravel is insufficient, the price is good and popular

Environmental pressure, the various provinces and cities of natural sand mining limited, encourage the use of sand mechanism, each part of the national infrastructure projects at the same time increasing, the henan zhengzhou as an example, the construction of subway, railway, elevated project frequently, such as mechanism of sand, there is growing demand for local sand prices climbed straight line, including other places like other provinces and cities around a vast prospect of mechanism sand production.

2. No large amount of expenses in the later period

Fixed equipment needs to lay foundation in the early stage, mobile crushing station is saved this link, but no matter which scheme is chosen, the quality of the equipment itself is good, environmental protection standards, under normal production conditions, the whole production line in the later stage in addition to basic maintenance almost no other costs.

3. High processing efficiency and quick fund recovery

Proper selection of equipment, stable operation of equipment in the production process, high processing efficiency, after processing the finished product granule good, can sell a good price, quick recovery of funds