With what machine does limestone make stones

As a common building material, limestone is widely used in cement, decoration, building materials and other industries due to its wide source and low cost.In general, limestone processing into stone, the need to use the equipment that we often say crusher, also known as the shredder, stone machine, no matter what is called, in the final analysis is the limestone processing into the specific industry needs the size, particle size, then processing limestone with which machine is more appropriate?
Xiaobian summarizes several equipment collocation, for you to choose:
Limestone processing into stone, a variety of equipment with arbitrary choice

1. Jaw crusher + impact crusher

Jaw crusher is generally used for primary breaking operations, all kinds of soft and hard stones can be broken efficiently, for limestone this kind of low hardness material treatment effect is also very good;Secondly, the impact crusher itself focuses on soft stone crushing operation, and the impact crusher itself covers the plastic function, the finished stone particle is very good, is the ideal limestone processing equipment, both with high efficiency and high yield.


2.(Heavy) hammer crusher

Compared with the above two kinds of equipment collocation, heavy hammer crusher is more suitable for processing of soft rock, such as limestone hammer crusher has been famous for "a broken molding", for the production requirements of the factory (below 300 tons), a single device that covers the coarse broken and finely dual function, and the two stage crushing process integration as a broken, save a broken link, but the disadvantage is that the size and the shape of material is not very good, to the quality request is higher the user can add a plastic machine, modify the size and the shape of stones


3. Mobile crusher

Mobile crusher is a new kind of crushing equipment in recent years, its main characteristic is can be matched arbitrarily, can be matched into mobile jaw crusher and mobile counterattack crusher double on-line operation;It can also be used with a heavy hammer crusher to crush and form in one time. It is very convenient to start working with a single set of equipment.
In addition, mobile crusher regardless of wheel type, or caterpillar type, the whole machine adopts PLC control mode, intelligent control equipment start and stop, feeding, discharging and other parameters adjustment, one-key adjustment, simple and convenient more accurate.
The above collocation is a few commonly used limestone processing machines, in addition, such as feeder, vibrating screen, conveyor and other related auxiliary equipment, users can be selected according to the output, factory and other factors.