Crushing equipment commonly used in sand and gravel aggregat

Sand and gravel aggregate production is mainly divided into mining, crushing, screening and shaping sand several links, generally
According to the characteristics of raw materials, system scale, site layout conditions, system process, etc
And the main equipment is crusher, vibrating screen, sand machine, auxiliary equipment is a belt conveyor, feeding
Machine, stone powder recovery equipment, water supply equipment and dust collector, etc.
Generally speaking, for large sand and gravel aggregate production line, its main equipment, such as coarse crusher, medium and fine broken
Crushing machine, pre - screening and screening equipment as far as possible in
More than 2 sets, this is conducive to improve the system can
Depend on sex and convenient overhaul.Under the production line must be used in crushing, screening, sand making equipment one by one

5 major crushing equipment

According to the working principle, crushing equipment is mainly divided into two categories:
The first category is crush crushing equipment.
For example, jaw crusher, rotary crusher, cone crusher, etc
The raw material with relatively high crushing abrasion index, the stone powder content in the product is low, but the general broken out
The material needle flake particle is much, the pumping performance is poor;
One is impact crushing equipment,
Such as impact crusher and vertical shaft impact crusher, its characteristics are
The material crushing ratio is large, the structure form is simple, the equipment maintenance is convenient, the product grain shape is good, the material resistance pressure
Small degree loss.
In large sand and gravel aggregate production lines, the coarse crusher is usually jaw crusher or rotary crusher, medium crusher
Use cone crusher, impact crusher or hammer crusher.
The common crusher of sand and gravel aggregate production line, its advantages, disadvantages and application range are as follows:

01Jaw crusher

Advantages: simple structure, reliable operation, small size, light weight, low configuration height, large feed inlet, adjustable discharge outlet, low price;
Disadvantages: lining wear fast, product grain shape is not good, needle flake more, low output, need to force feed;
Scope of application: The hardness of the rock has good adaptability, generally used for raw material coarse crushing, used for medium crushing equipment need miniaturization.

02 cycle crusher:

Advantages: single machine processing capacity, low energy consumption per unit, good grain shape, large and medium-sized machine can be continuous feeding, no need for feeding machine;
Disadvantages: complex structure, large size, tall body, difficult maintenance, high price, small feed size, soil
Large amount of construction;Scope of application: applicable to all kinds of hard rocks, generally used for coarse breaking equipment, minicomputer can also be used for the middle breaking link.

03 Cone crusher

Advantages: reliable operation, high output, uniform particle size, small liner wear;
Disadvantages: complex structure, high maintenance requirements, high body installation size, expensive price;
Applicable scope: rock hardness and good adaptability, aggregate production line in the most commonly used broken or finely broken equipment.

04 Impact crusher

Advantages: large crushing ratio, fine product, good grain shape, low energy consumption, simple structure;
Disadvantages: the plate hammer and lining plate are easy to wear out, and the workload of replacement and maintenance is large;Heavy dust, not applicable
Crushing plastic and viscous materials;
Scope of application: Suitable for crushing medium hard rock, medium crushing and sand making equipment, some large equipment
Preparation is also used for coarse crushing.
Hammer crusher
Advantages: large crushing ratio, high yield, good grain shape, fine material;
Disadvantages: the hammer head damages quickly, needs to be changed frequently, the working dust is big, the moisture content of raw material is greater than
12%, the viscous material cannot pass through effectively;
Scope of application: Suitable for hard rock in crushing, generally used for fine crushing equipment;When there is a grate, it is used to make sand.
At present, it is less used.

5. Large screening equipment

Screening equipment is divided into vibrating screen, fixed screen two categories, the aggregate production system application is more vibrating screen.
There are two kinds of fixed screen: grizzly screen and strip screen, which are generally used in coarse crushing workshop or natural aggregate production system
The field isolates the superdiameter stone, but the screening efficiency is very low, only 50%~70%, and because there is no vibration,
Material is easy to plug the screen hole,