Past Shows

She Says Enough, August 2018 

She says, “Enough!” to the sexual violence, to patriarchy, to white supremacy– to the forces that seek to divide us. She says, “Enough!” by making her own way, defining her own identity, working for the dignity and wholeness of all people.

This is the work of One Dance Company’s latest show: She Says, “Enough!” Join us as we say enough to all that seeks to minimize our voices and keep us small. We were honored to be included on both Minnesota Women’s Press and One Girl, Two Cities “Must See Show Lists”

ENOUGH, October 2017

In our world, there are so many obstacles that keep us from embracing the fact that we are enough, and even when we do find that still small voice it is a struggle to stay attuned to it.

This show is a compilation of brave voices from different members of our company saying ENOUGH! And we are ENOUGH, collectively and individually to create the change we wish to see in the world.

As we worked to create the pieces in our show ENOUGH, oftentimes, words inspired us and became co-creators of the movement you saw in our show. Below we share those words with you. We hope they will help you to cultivate and stay attuned to your own sense of enoughness! You can also download a printer-friendly version here. 

Check out our Spotify playlist with all the music featured in our show! To listen, click here. 

Thrown Away,  October 2015 & November 2016 

Thrown Away was debuted October 2015 at The Lyric at Carelton Artists Lofts, and brought back the following year at Fallout Art Studio. Thrown Away digs into what it means to feel abandoned, forgotten, or left behind. Through the art of dance, a new perspective is offered, perhaps in those moments of abandonment we are not THROWN AWAY… but delivered.