One Dance Company creates a movement that moves: head, heart, action.

At One Dance Company, we work to build community where the sacred humanity of each person is affirmed by:

  • Offering our work to the Woman’s prison, festivals, community events, and celebrations
  • Engaging the five senses
  • Collaborating with other local artists and business owners

We create work that speaks to people’s hearts, inspires change, and builds community. We would love to work with you and your community! Interested in bringing One Dance to your community? Fill out this short form! Or, shoot us an email at onedancecompany@gmail.com

More About One Dance:

We envision a world where dance is experienced beyond the stage, beyond the gallery, inviting conversation and co-creation in community. A world where artists of all mediums work together and lift one another up as creative collaborators.

One Dance has performed for over 2,300 people, in sanctuaries, and community events, street festivals, and at the Shakopee Women’s Prison. We’ve put on full-length performances including Thrown Away (2015 & 2016) and Enough (2017) and this summer we made our MN Fringe Festival this summer with She Says “ENOUGH!”

We create work that speaks to people’s hearts, inspires change, and builds community. We intentionally build relationships because we know we are stronger together and that our work is enriched when it includes art of all mediums.

Subscribe to our newsletter Beautiful Things. Here’s what you can expect: a quarterly update with clips from rehearsal, performance announcements, sneak previews, and more.

We create Beloved Community through the art of dance

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